The Assassin is a stealthy class that relies on quick attacks and avoiding damage. They can attack in stealth where most enemies will never see them, or out in the open and have a more party utility role.

While most classes charge in bold and daring, the Assassin is a stealthy sort that prefers to take things at their own pace. They can control the battlefield like no other, luring enemies into deadly traps before they even know what hit them.

The Assassin whittles away at an enemy’s strength with rapid-fire attacks that cause bleeding and poison damage, which drain the life from their foes over time. While their razor-sharp Dagger is vital, they also employ explosives, poisons, smoke, and other potent utilities to hobble their enemies. On top of their ingenuity, they can also use strange martial arts that allow them to turn invisible, teleport around the field, and even swap places with enemies in an instant.

More so than others, Assassins work best alone. However, their status-altering abilities and damage-over-time effects make them an important addition to any large-scale battle. 

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Many of the Assassins skills are based around stealth, poison, and quick attacks. These are some of the notable skills of the Assassin.

Icon Name Button Level Element Hongmon upgrade?
Show/Hide details
Heart Stab Heart Stab RMB 4 Lightning in Stealth, Shadow otherwise Yes
Type Name Damage Focus Preconditions
Icon Name Button Level Element Hongmon upgrade?
Show/Hide details
Shadow Dash Shadow Dash 1 2 Lightning No
Type Name Damage Focus Preconditions
Icon Name Button Level Element Hongmon upgrade?
Show/Hide details
Decoy Decoy 2 4 None Yes
Type Name Damage Focus Preconditions
Icon Name Button Level Element Hongmon upgrade?
Show/Hide details
50px Fighting Spirit Template:V Key 45 None Yes
Type Name Damage Focus Preconditions

For a complete list of the Assassins skills, see Assassin/Skills


The Assassin has 2 available elements, Lightning, and Shadow. Both builds involve keeping up poison stacks. Having 5 poison stacks allows your Heart Stab ability to cast instantly. This is critical for the shadow build as you significantly hurt your DPS without 5 stacks. Lightning is much more forgiving with poison stacks, as Heart Stab is also instant in stealth, and Lightning Flash also stacks 1 poison.

The Lightning Builds is very stealth based. In order to d the main DPS rotation you must be stealthed. Luckily, there are also many different ways to get into stealth, from shadow dash to Hook Kick. This makes the Lighting builds generally considered harder to play compared to Shadow.

The Dark build not stealth based. In order to do your rotation properly, you spend most of the time out of stealth. This means you don't have to manage staying in stealth, and you have the benefit of easy party utility skills such as Protection Decoy, which can only be used when not stealthed. Shadow build is also more consistent. If you cannot stay in stealth, Lightning build suffers where Dark does not. Because of this Shadow builds is the more common build.

For more information about Assassin builds, see Assassin/Builds




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