Arena PvP is an equalized style of PvP in Blade and Soul. You access it through the CrossServer Menu after reaching level 15 and completing the required quest. There are two game modes, 1v1 and 3v3 tag matches. Participating in either game mode will grant the Player Zen Beans to purchase PvP exclusive equipment, outfits, skillbooks, and Soulstones.

Rules Edit

  • No items are allowed (such as Buff-Food etc.)
  • Stats are normalized and are not affected by any equipment whatsoever.
  • Matches are timed (3 Minutes for 1v1 matches | 10 Minutes for 3v3 matches)

Rewards Edit

Players get a few beans for losing and significantly more for winning, depending on rank. Beans can also be influenced by Premium Membership and a Clan 6v6 bonus. There are items awarded at the end of the season to the Top 300 players with the most prestigious outfits being rewarded to the Top 30 (Steel Will) and Top 5 (Indomitable Will, also includes the Title "Indomitable Warrior"). Players can also buy many items from the Zen Bean Trader.

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