A New Start is the first faction quest available in the game that you can find at the Wanderer's Hut in Dragonscale (Viridian Coast). Currently, this quest information here is updated to players that chose Cerulean Order as their Warring Faction.

How to get?Edit

Player must already had chosen the Cerulean Order as their Warring Faction. Then player must complete story quest, Act 1 Chapter 17: The Test of the Eight.


Player will receive a mysterious letter sent by a NPC member of their chosen faction.Edit

Click and read the letter to start the quest.

Mysterious Letter: "Hansu speaks very highly of you, recruit! But even with our leader's recommendation, every recruit must be tested. Do you think you've got the right stuff? are you ready to be part of the Cerulean Order? Come find me at the Dragonscale. I, Guyuk, will be waiting!"

Equip the Cerulean Order outfit and talk to Guyuk at the Wanderer's Hut.Edit

Once you had chosen your Warring Faction, you'll receive a uniform. Wear it while meeting the NPC.
Note: The quest will not start or to be continued without wearing the faction uniform but at the same time player will be flagged into open field PVP and attack by the opposite faction.
NPC Cerulean Order Scholar Guyuk is standing near the cliff above Wanderer's Hut.

Guyuk: "I am Guyuk, and I am in charge of training new recruits. Exciting, isn't it? You're on your way becoming a member of one of the Warring Factions! Naturally you'll have to start from the bottom and work your way up. It's only fair. But I'm sure you have the drive to accomplish great things! So stand tall, march briskly, and make sure to wear your uniform when addressing Cerulean Order representatives. Otherwise, we won't give you orders! You can never be too careful. You understand, right?"

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