A Curious Illness is one of the side quests found in Jadestone Village


Talk to NPC Silver Cauldron Yu Jasu to start the questEdit

Yu Jasu: "Your pallor is sickly, your eyes look unfocused, and you seem to be trembling slightly. (Is this person deseased). You need medicine immediately. Do not fret, we here at the Silver Cauldron specialize in the healing arts. (Hm, the tongue isn't swollen, so it's not Jiangshi Fever.) And don't you doubt our ability for a second. Just as the other guilds are masters of their field, we are the unrivaled healers of this land. (No discolored eyes. That rules out Plogtheria.) Let me take a look at you. Hmm, I don't see any fevered wound or any symptoms of diesease. You just appear... well, unhealthy. (I've never seen a case like this.) It may be a matter of your body's chi. Perhaps something is obstructing or poisoning it from the inside. Unfortunately, I am a healer of the physical, not the spiritual. I will prescribe the most powerful rememdy for general sickness I can. I hope it does some good. Gather the mushroom caps and herbs available on the road to Croaker Lagoon. (I'm baffled. Years of training and I feel lika an amateur.) Deliver thse ingredients to Wai SUgai at the lagoon and have him make a curative paste, which you must ingest as quick as possible. Tell him I sent you and he should waive any fee."

Defeat Gloomcaps in Pondskip Vale to obtain their capsEdit

Defeat 5 Gloomcaps monster in Pondskip Vale and pick their caps.
Sidequest jadestone a curious illness faq01

Gather herbs in Pondskip ValeEdit

Gather 3 herbs in Pondskip Vale.
Sidequest jadestone a curious illness faq02

Speak with Wasugi at Croaker LagoonEdit

Speak with NPC Wasugi at Croaker Lagoon to end the quest.

Wasugi: "I say, you look half-dead. If you're going to keel over, try to avoid touching my robes."

(I brought ingredients for medicine.)

Wasugi: "Ha, and I should say you need it. You do know my remedies are quite costly, correct?"

(Yu Jasu said there would be no charge.)

Wasugi: "Yu Jasu? I should have known. That man is far too soft. Every time he sees a copperless charity case like yourself, he loses his head. Healers cannot work for free. I found it much more profitable to become a private practitioner than to remain a part of the Silver Cauldron."

(Will you make the medicine?)

Wasugi: "Of course, I will. Despite Yu Jasu's overabundance of kindness, he is still an old colleague. Give those ingredients here and I'll simply mix them together, grind in some cloves, and there we are. Eat this, do not leave a morsel. Quickly now, before the potency fades. Hm, a faint change in color, but otherwise you scarcely look any healthier. I am afraid I have done all I can, perhaps you should seek a healer of chi."

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