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New User Introductions and Chat

Hi all,

I truly like the idea of this wikia expanding and grateful for the mods that have been consistent in updating the pages!

As per forum norm, I wanted to have an introduction thread for everyone to get to know each other. I understand there is a discord, but for people like me who prefer responding here it would be great!

I'll start it off:

Server: Yunwa (Part of the great Group 6 landfill)

Character name: Serah Silvers (SF) & Tyriael (BD)

Main Class: Soul Fighter

Clan: Enemy Raid

Notes: I want to clear BT alreadyyy :(

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Hey, welcome to the wiki. You are welcome to post on the forums if you prefer. I try and keep an eye on all activity, so I think i'll see it either way.

For myself: Server: Mushin

Character name: Geobie - Assassin, Akellea - Summ, + a wl and bm who I never use.

Main Class: Assassin

Clan: Equinox

Notes: I am pretty much waiting for new content atm. Also gotta farm that bw achiev before bw is removed.


Ohh! Hello! Yeah, it's sad that blackwyrm is going away, Wyrmsbane would've been nice but I am way too far from it so giving up hah. Does your group clear BT well? I just moved to this clan I am in and just found out that their schedules don't match mine for raiding. Highly considering moving to a more populated server at the moment :/

I was only at 3 bw kills when they announced it. Currently at 65. And yea we clear bt. Lots of clans on group 2 do.

holy crap, that's some serious grind hey? ugh. do you know if there are clans that take in decently geared people?


Well, I know my clan is pretty much at capacity Already doing 3 raids a week with so many people. There are loads of clans on group 2 though, so I'm sure one of them have room. Cerulean is dominant faction.


Damn. I'm losing my mind. I really wish the 12 man version comes to NA soon. It's just so frustrating and it's getting boring too when you can't do BT. :(


Well, new dungeon on wed. That should give you something to do.

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